PROBIO-NEWSLETTER August Issue, 2011 New-Biological Knowledge : Advances in biological knowledge are emerging every day to know more on biological diversity. New information and discovery is to help deal with hunger,malnutrition, cure and prevention from heavy burden of diseases both non communicable and communicable. Simple and advanced techniques, methods and solutions are being developed to diagnose, detect and prevent these diseases among the vulnerable populations. 1-Scientific researches have shown that several plant species have active ingredient s which are used in indigenous health systems used by people all over the world., Piperine, a active ingredient found in a commonly used plant, Piper Longum Linn. has blood pressure lowering properties and this was reported in 2008 in Journal of Cardiovasular Pharmacol. New studies on this will be reported in next issue. 2- A bacterium strain ,Wolbachia pipientis, can help stop the dengue virus replicating in host mosquito. It was reported in Journal Nature 3.-A New Test to detect TB has been proposed by doctors and scientists working at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB).In this test there is no need for sputum or blood samples, as volatie organic compounds ( VOCs) analysed in the urine of TB patients the vocs were significantly altered when compared to that in the healthy patients. Distinct pattern of these organic compunds can be used to identify TB patients. It is similar to using distinct fingerprints of humans for identification purposes. The finding represents a potential biomarker for routine TB diagnosis as well as follow-up on treatment responsiveness.” There is more rigorous examination needed throughout Indian cities. For further reading: Banday, al, Anal.Chem.83,5526-5534 Probionewsletter by Dr Promila Kapoor-Vijay,Ph.D Director, PBK© Email:

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