Native plant species of Himalayas©

​Native plant species of the Himalayas©
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There are no studies giving data from the field on native plant species​ of Himalayas. A programme is being developed by PBK-2100{c)to study the biology of native species, ​for which available information from published literature and databases on plants and floras is important. Contributions of experts from other fields such as taxonomy,plant biosystematics, ecology, biogeography, ethnobotany ​, population biology will be important in this work.
It is very important news that a plant database has been successfully developed by the Wildlife Institute of India at Dehradun, based on the floras published in the literature​ (Rana and Rawat,2017).All published floras (31 floras in 42 volumes spanning the years 1903–2014) from the Indian Himalayan region, Nepal, and Bhutan were examined(Rana and Rawat,2017),to compile a comprehensive checklist of all gymnosperms and angiosperms. The database has a ​total of 10,503 species representing 240 families and 2322 genera are reported. Further all botanical names and synonyms are evaluated. There are 1134 species which​ presently remain taxonomically unresolved and 160 species with missing information in the global plant database (The Plant List, 2013). This is the most comprehensive estimate of plant species diversity in the Himalaya.
Conservation of native species of the Himalayas, it is important to prepare databases,​ work of Rana and Rawat(2017) is an important contribution.

Data Set:
Database of Himalayan Plants Based on Published Floras During a Century by

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