Native mangrove tree species(c)

Light dependent properties of five Native Mangrove species(c)by Promila Kapoor-Vijay
A brief note
Promila Kapoor-Vijay(ID name Promila Kapoor)

There are about 80 species of true mangrove trees worldwide, mangrove ecosystems comprise a relatively low number of habitat-forming tree species, are rich with a high diversity of decomposer, detritivorous and consumer species. Although the overall level of diversity in mangrove ecosystems is low relative​ to those of other key tropical habitats such as coral reefs and tropical rainforests​s, these species collectively support many important ecosystem services (Lee​ et al.,(2017).
The key feature of Mangrove study relates to the ​adaptive capacity of five mangrove tree species and their response to strong light. The study​ by Kitao et al, describes and reports an ​examination of photosynthesis specifically the light-dependent​ properties of five mangrove native tree species which are: Sonneratia alba, Rhizophora stylosa, Rhizophora apiculata, Bruguiera gymnorrhiza and Xylocarpus granatum)”.


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DOI: 10.1034/j.1399-3054.2003.00042.x

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