COVIRAG.CHBK-an intiative of association for channeling bioknowledge.

COVIRAG.CHBK is an intiative of CHBK started since Global COVID-19 Pandemic was declared by the World Health Organisation,Geneva( CHBK- is acronym for association for channeling bioknowledge.registered(2012) and based in Geneva,Switzerland).The post`s goal is empowerement of public and scientific community. It deals with available evolving information, research advances and actions related to pandemic -COVID-19( from reliable International,national scientific journals, reports, publications, from academies and laboratories, which are verifiable, and are also National governments, World Health Organisation`s recommended sources.kapoorvijayp(c).

latest research advances for building biological knowledge and understanding on how coronavirus works. latest information on COVID-19( from Scientific American,October,2020) addresses main questions:

1.The mechanism by which virus enters-inades human body.

2).How the Immune system fights and sometimes cannot fight…”What can our immune system do and how can the virus sometimes defeat it”

3.Major Vaccines and drugs for COVID-19-how they work.

Learn and add to biological understanding with emerging latest biological knowledge of COVID-19 in conversation with a scientist( artile is from Scientific American)Dr Glaunsinger -“Britt Glaunsinger, a virologist at the University of California, Berkeley, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute ask burning questions raised above and more .”.

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